Adelaide: Random Plan

Alhamdulillah 4 days 4 nights in Adelaide was awesome. I fell in love with the nature and of course, with the people. So lovely. So welcoming. 

Before the trip

So, how did I plan to go there?
I didn't plan it, honestly. It was random. 

So basically, 3 weeks before the trip, kak Farah Hanani asked our usrah,
"Siapa nak join kak Farah pergi Adelaide. Ada nadwah 6 Mei kat Adelaide."

At that time, I was quite excited, 
'oh I really wanted to go to Adelaide but I didn't have strong reason to go'. 
So, I checked my schedule. okay, assignments lambat lagi. 3 minggu lagi. 
(pengsan ni 4 assignments berderet 😅😅. doakan manageable!😁)

I also checked the ticket price.
"hm, if it's below $200 for return, I'd go. if not, maybe no"
I took a week to think about it. Am I really going?

So, the next week, I checked the price ticket again and checked my schedule again.
"Okay, there's no assignment due this week, I can asked syifa' for this one tutorial. This one lecture, I can just listen to the lecture recording. Okay, manageable. Bismillah."
And the ticket price was below $200. I think Allah has made it easy for me. Alhamdulillah.

Then, I rethink again. Wait, if I take the ticket on Thursday, who's going to send me?
And, am I travelling alone? 🤔
To be honest, this trip was the first trip I travelled alone.
As a woman, of course it is important to ensure that the trip is safe. (This is important okay girls. Maqasid syariah menjaga nyawa itu penting)
So, I was thinking, should be there are girls who are sending me to airport and there are girls who will be fetching me there. I would just be alone on the flight, which was safe. 
Let's try this. 

And my first solo-travel experience was good.
Allah made it easy, Alhamdulillah.

Day 1: Pakistani Food and Baitul Insyirah
When I arrived there, Azri Hazirah and Diyana Izyan fetched me and brought me to one Pakistani restaurant. The food was good masha Allah. 

Then, they took me to Baitul Insyirah. 
So I slept there for 4 days 4 nights. 
Subhanallah, the house was so comfy and calm, just like its name.
May Allah showers them with greater blessings for their kindness.

ahlul Insyirah: Azri Hazirah, Najah Sarafuddin, (me), Afiqah Suhaimee, Diyana Izyan, Aziidah Amirruddin.
Jazakunallahu khayr tumpangkan rumah, sediakan makanan sedap. 😊 

Day 2: Adelaide Botanical Garden, Gaol, Matcha Cake House and Usrah

That morning, I met kak Zaitul. Sampai-sampai je, kak Zaitul kata, 
"Zuraaaaa, tak berubah pun dari dulu." I was like "nak berubah apanya."
We just met once during summer camp2015 in Malaysia 😂😂
Tapi, gaya macam dah pernah kenal 10 tahun. 😂

She brought me to Botanical Garden.

kak Zaitul Zazai Asyiqeen

Adelaide Botanical Garden

The garden was so pretty. 😍 
We sent pictures to kakSyai just to make her jealous.
Sekali, sesat kat dalam taman. 😅
Luckily we lost in a garden. It wasn't scary la kan.
We waited there for kak Aznin to rescue us.
Then, we had our lunch, pray, and heading to Gaol.

We went to Gaol with Zizi and her friend.
In here, the environment was quite depressing. 
There's a heartnreaking story about a woman.
Her father died when she was young, her mother then left her alone.
And, she was raped brutally when she was young.
Later, she found out that her mother was still alive and remarried with a man.
She then moved to the city nearer to her mother and her stepfather.
She then married a divorced man with 2 kids, but it turned out that the marriage was bad.
Her husband was abusive.
One day, her husband was found died because of mercury poisoning.
She was accused of murdering her husband but the investigation wasn't thorough
So, it was said that she was actually innocent but falsely punished. 
And she was the only woman who was executed.

I got headache after reading about the cases in which people were executed.
There are people who murdered their wife/husband due to jealosy.
There are people who murdered and raped children. 
There are people who murdered their own friends.

The feelings after visited the prison was so heavy. 
Rasa mual juga.
Mungkin sebab rasa terlalu berat untuk menerima kes-kes macamni (that is why I wouldn't choose Forensic Psychology or criminology because I'm not into that course).

That night, after maghrib, I had liqa' from Brisbane
I joined through online from Adelaide. 
Waktu ni rasa pertama kali liqa' sambil berjalan, naik trem, kejar bas.
taktau la masuk ke tak. insha Allah masuk la kot.
(jangan kecam saya, kak Farah 👀)
I remember we discussed about usul 20.
Usul ke 5 (taat pada pemimpin) dan 6 (taasub) 
(harap-harap betul 😅 )
Sambil-sambil liqa', pergi Matcha cake house dengan Kak Aznin.
Rasa bersalah jugak sebab saya tengah liqa', kak Aznin duduk diam kat situ. 
Jadi nak hilangkan rasa bersalah, saya buka loudspeaker, so kak Aznin boleh join sekali. 


My date 😁
Day 3: Car Problems and Nadwah

This day, we have nadwah for the whole day. So, I got the chance to meet all akhawat Adelaide,
Kak Najah, Kak Ain, Kak Azlin, Kak Azri, Diyana, Dayana, Kak Ika, kak Nabilah, kak Syam, Kak Raby, Kak Aznin, kak Maizatul (hopefully, I didn't miss anyone 😖)

University of Adelaide. 

That morning, I had to fetch kak Farah and kak Dee from airport. 
Other akhawat was setting up and getting ready for nadwah.
It was my first time driving alone. At first, the car was okay,
tetiba termati bila keluar dari parking.
So, I quickly pushed the emergency button. There was one local lady asking, "are you okay?"
I said, "I couldn't start my car" then she called people nearby. there was a man helping me. He thought I wanted to park my car, so he helped me park the car and matikan enjin.
I was like, "...that's okay. I can stat the engine"
Engine was okay but handbrake pula tak boleh turun 😓
Lelaki, orang putih lagi, tarik handbrake sampai tak boleh nak turun. Saya turunkan handbrake tu guna dua tangan. gigih betul masa tu rasa. 😂

Then, I fetched kak Farah and Kak Dee from airport and sent them to nadwah.
I searched for a parking spot, but couldn't find any.
Banyak kali juga pusing-pusing sampai tersesat.
At that time, I felt like crying. It was new place and I was lost and alone in the car. 
What should I do..
This one ukhti called me, asking where was I. I said I was lost and she had to send me the location.
Then I just followed the map and Alhamdulillah, finally I arrived.
I was grateful because it happened in Adelaide, where the people were friendly and calm.
If it ever happened in Melbourne or Sydney city, I would have cried alone in the car. huhu.

Then, I just tried to stay calm and focus on the nadwah.
Alhamdulillah, the nadwah was good. Jazakunallhu khyar akhawat Adelaide for the awesome presentation 😊😊

summary of the nadwah

to be continued...
(panjang dah ini 🤔)

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