Because we DON'T know

Often time, we ask God, 
"Why is this thing happens to me?"
"Why am I here?"
"Why should I do this?"
"When is it going to end?"

We forget that sometimes things happened because of our prayers. That is what we asked for. But what He gives is not like what we imagine.
Often time, we feel angry. And we don't know, why are we angry? To whom do we should express the anger?

To the extent that we lose hope.
We couldn't see the hikmah. 
We couldn't make sense of things that happened.
We keep on asking and asking, "why me?"

Because we never know. We never know His wisdom. 
But we insist to know right now. When in fact, we don't even open our heart to understand our life destiny. 

We insist to know everything when in fact, sometimes we shouldn't know everything in life because we might overwhelmed by it. Or could be, knowing something that we shouldn't have known is bad for us.

Dear self,
Actually, you need to admit that you're just a servant to Allah. You need to open your heart to see the wisdom in everything that happens in life. You need to admit that He knows everything, while you know nothing. You need to keep faith and keep working. Because you don't know what He has planned for you. Stop worrying and start believing.

I hope one day, you will read this post and smile. You will smile because you will realize how loving is Allah. You will smile because you will realize how your life story has made you who you are. Stronger, happier, more grateful than ever.

Me. The one who is still struggling to believe and will keep on trying to open her heart.