Reflection #5: Moms and Babies


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Today I learned about Prenatal Development for PSYC2030 (Developmental Psychology) subject. The lecture was so amazing and I really loved it because there are many things I learned.

Prenatal Development is the process in which a baby develops from a single cell after conception into an embryo and later a fetus.  The lecturer started the lecture by showing us a video on how the baby is developed inside the womb. Then, she asked us, what do we notice?
So, I raised my hand and said, "we all started from almost nothing". One classmate said, "there are different things happen at different times of conception to birth". The lecturer said, "Good. Yes, we all started from almost nothing and it developed until we become who we are today. It's amazing right?" (Definitely, IT IS AMAZING) Then she added, "one more thing if you notice, the development happens so rapidly" (Oh yes. I never thought about this. But, if you think about it, it's definitely amazing because in 9 months, the organs and systems in our body developed well. It is so mind-blowing because if we were asked to create a thing that can function as a human, I think it would take like forever because we can never do that. It was just too amazing. Subhanallah, Maha Suci Tuhan yang Maha Menciptakan. *rasa nak nangis*)

Okay, by the way, why should we care about prenatal development? Of course, we should!
Read carefully okay especially those who has married and those who are not-yet-married can also take note. Hopefully, this is beneficial.

It is suggested that what happen in later life affected by what happened in early life. So, the developmental of a human started from early conception. Mom's nutrition and feelings are important in the baby's development.
So mommies out there and mommy-to-be, note that we need to eat healthy food okay. It's important for babies and of course, good for ourselves too right? Husbands also need to take note. Give your wife healthy food, okay?
Next, ensure that we have taken vaccines against germs such as Rubella and others that may affect the babies . It is advisable for women to take vaccine against the viruses before pregnant because once a woman is pregnant, doctors won't give vaccine until she delivers. Note that Rubella virus is  harmful that can lead to permanent disability (congenital rubella syndrome). So, better take steps of prevention from any unwanted consequences. Since moms always not aware of the presence of new member in their womb at the early stage, I would suggest that all married women start to eat healthy food and take prevention steps. I guess for those who have not married, we can start eating healthy food from now.
Ok, so, what happens when moms have no control over what they eat? This is so sad. It happens especially during wars or time of starvation :(
Dutch Hunger Studies revealed that malnutrition (lack of nutrition) leads to lower birth weight, more obesity, and schizophrenia. (You can google Dutch Hunger Studies if you want to know more)
I imagined how struggle the Palestinian moms to take care of the baby during the war. May Allah gives them strength. Amiin.

Finish about nutrition. Now, let's talk about stress. Do you know that mom's feelings during pregnancy do affect the baby's development? It is. So, always remember to keep calm and happy. Husbands also play an important role in giving supports to the wife. During pregnancy, the hormones fluctuate inside the women's body that creates a hormonal imbalance. It is because the body is adapting to a new situation (new person inside the womb). So, it is normal if sometimes women get more emotional and get more angry when they are pregnant. This is when husbands need to play their role. Well, just show them your love and support. They really need it. Remember, your wife carries your baby. Showing love and support can create the bond between you, your wife and the baby.
The lecturer said that moderate stressor is just right for the mom and baby because having no stress leads you to do nothing while too much stress can drive you crazy. But, we need to know how to define moderate stressors and deal with it well. We need some stress in life but make sure that it is under control. 

Ok done.
Now, what should we do if we deal with moms who show some behaviors such as smoking that obviously harmful to the fetus inside the womb?
The lecturer said, even though we know that smoking is obviously harmful to the baby, we also need to bear in mind that the woman is pregnant. So, AVOID CRITICISM. It could cause more harm because our criticism might cause more stress to the mom. Listen and respond to the mom without judging. Yes, it is quite challenging for us not to judge when we know things are obviously wrong but, for me, the fact that the mom feels guilty and want to get some advice from us show that there is goodness in her. So, provide support and understanding. Show our love and compassion. Help people to be better. It is always better to prevent than to cure. But, when things had happened, we need to find other alternatives that can help to reduce the unwanted consequences.

After all, we all want our next generation to be better and make this world a better place. Let's take care of our women and future babies :)
My final word is, I remember Sheikh Abdul Wahhab said, "Mother is the school of herself and her children. When you educate women, you educate the society."

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