Reflection #4 : Improve Ourselves


The students of PSYC2050 (Learning and Cognition) were given an assignment on self-monitoring behavior. Basically, the assignment is about analyzing our own excessive behavior (choose one behavior that we want to reduce). For instance, smoking, swearing and etc. Then, we need to define our behavior specifically. For example, for every cigarette I smoke within 2 hours after eating will be recorded as one instance of smoking. Next, we need to monitor our behavior to gather information on how to manage or treat behavior.

I think this assignment is interesting because it helps us in knowing ourselves better and try to find ways to improve. I believe that everyone has something that they really struggle to fight. Some people might be addicted to smoking, some people might find it hard to stop swearing, and etc.
I believe that some behaviors should not be started at first because once it started, it would be challenging to stop. A simple example is smoking. Smoking is an addiction. But, the thing is, some people has been smoking for 10 years, how can we simply said, "Just stop"? It would be too hard for them. So, I guess, one of the alternatives is monitoring the behavior. We should acknowledge our own self and our own capability. Start step by step.
For example, if you define your excessive smoking as smoking 2 cigarettes after eating, try to reduce it to one cigarette after eating. Record your behavior for 30-40 days and see if there any improvement. Slowly but surely, insha Allah.

However, if you find your behavior is really hard to control, consider seeking a treatment. Some addictions are too severe such as alcohol addiction, pornography addiction, drugs addiction and others. So, please consider meeting professionals.

Let us be humble to acknowledge that we are not perfect but determined enough to perfect ourselves :)

Last but not least, Allah counts our effort not accomplishment. So, don't feel bad if we are not as fast as others in improving ourselves. Try not to compare ourselves with others because we all have different struggles. Let's improve ourselves and help others :)

credit to: FB Allison Fallon 

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