Reflection #3: Resilience

Yesterday, I got 3 tutorial classes (6 hours continuously) but I made it. Alhamdulillah. Hopefully, it would be great throughout this semester. Among all the 3 classes, I really love the discussion in PSYC2030 (Developmental Psychology) class.

In the class, we watched a video about resilience. There are actually many stories in one video but I remember this one story the most.

This is a true story.

There is a 5-year-old kid named Danielle. He lost his brother when he was 3 and it was hard for him to accept the reality. He's still with the imagination that his brother was still there playing with him. Day by day, he got better. He can accept the reality. A good news came. His mom was pregnant! It was a baby girl and he was really excited and eager to see his sister. But, he didn't know that his parents are getting a divorce. (okay, this part I was so emotional but still can control not to cry. But, I just couldn't control my voice saying "ALLAH". I noticed some of my classmates were staring at me.)

And yes, the parents divorced and he stayed with his mom. (I just couldn't accept the fact that the dad left the mom when she was still pregnant with a 5-year old kid. Doesn't he ever think of his children?) *angry*

Another reality hits. His mom was almost blind! (Ahhh, why this small 5-year-old kid needs to bear with harsh reality like this. Allah. So, which of your Lord's favor are you denying, Zura?)

But, Danielle grows up becoming so strong. He becomes so responsible and caring towards his mom.

Then, he was participating an experiment with several kids. The experiment aims to study on how children can control their emotion in a frustrating situation. The kids were given a box of toys and they need to choose the most favourite toy and the least favorite toy.
Next, they need to wait until they got the present. Inside the present, it was the least favorite toy that they have chosen before. Almost all the kids were so disappointed to get the least favorite toy except Danielle. He got the toy and he did not show any disappointment. He said, "oh that's okay. I'll play with this toy" and he played with it.
I was so amazed and surprised. A 5-year old kid has developed such a wonderful emotional control. The experiences he has gone through in life has made him a very appreciative person who appreciates everything in his life no matter how bad it is. In this case, he accepted his least favorite toy. 
At the end of the experiment, all the kids finally got their most favorite toys. 
I learned a lot from this video and our group has a good discussion related to the video.
Well, there're actually a lot we can learn from people every day. 
Lesson learned is to be more grateful. Be more appreciative.


"And (remember) when your Lord proclaimed, 'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you (in favor); but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.'" 

This verse is close to my heart because it was recited by one of my usrahmates on my 19th birthday as a gift. To be a grateful servant is not easy but it is surely not impossible. May Allah always guide us in our life to always be more grateful day by day. Remember, when we feel that our tests are unbearable, there are a lot of people out there struggling so hard beyond our imagination. Be grateful and have a sweet smile. May Allah bless :)

p/s: I was thinking to share our group discussion regarding the video but maybe not now? Because this post is already long enough

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