Reflection #1 : Ponder

Today I participated in a research. It was a good research to study about unconscious learning. Basically, the research is done by the Psychology and Education department to help students and educators to find a better way to learn. It is quite amazing to know that human brains can learn unconsciously. However, there is still research in progress to study more about this. Hopefully, the research is a success so that it can contribute to the education sector. 

I was impressed to know how human brain works. There are actually a lot of researches done to know how the brain functions because human's brain is very special. It is just that sometimes we don’t fully utilise our brain. 
That is why, we need to always help our brain to function by learning, thinking and reflecting.

Doesn’t God always says in His Book,
“...Demikianlah Allah menjelaskan kepada kamu keterangan-keterangan, supaya kamu BERFIKIR (dan mengambil iktibar).”
(2: 266)

“...Dan tiadalah yang mengambil pelajaran dan peringatan melainkan orang-orang yang BERFIKIRAN.” 

“...Adakah sama orang yang buta dengan orang yang celik? Tidakkah kamu mahu BERFIKIR?” 

There are a lot more words in His Book asking us to always think and reflect.

Think with our brain and heart. 
May Allah always guide us in a straight path.