Beyond Expectation


Everyone in this world has choices to make from the smallest things such as what to eat, what to wear, what to do and many more to the biggest things such as what course to take, what carrier to choose, who will we get married with. Small and simple things do not require a long time to decide, perhaps we could decide on the spot like what to eat.  Just order and eat. Simple. However, bigger things that will change our life needs a lot more time to decide. Sometimes, we make the right choices but sometimes we do make mistakes. However, I would say that the mistakes are not totally wrong since we can definitely learn from it depends on how we handle the mistakes. 

I would like to share my story, a not so interesting story but interesting enough for me because it's a story of my life. Since I was in standard 6, I have set my ambition to be a motivator (at that time, I never knew that Psychology even existed). From that time, whenever I came to write my biodata, I will write motivator as my ambition. Up until I was in Form 3, I never changed my ambition. However, after I took pure science subjects (Physics, Biology and Chemistry) and Additional Mathematics, I started to change my ambition because my results for those subjects along the way were quite excellent except for Physics (Sorry, Cikgu Rahimah. I do love the teacher but I cannot love the subject).  Therefore, I changed my ambition to pharmacist because I'm in love with Chemistry and the Chemistry teacher (Cikgu Azmyee who acts like a father to his students). I was quite in doubt with my choices after my SPM trial, whether to go for Psychology or Pharmacy. So, I hold my decision after I got the SPM result. I consulted with my counselor and friends regarding the course I want to take which is psychology because I was quite worried about my career in the future. I got positive responses from my counselor and friends since it suits my personality test and interest. Plus, my parents have no objection on any course I decided to take because they put their trust on me to decide for my future. Just that, some teachers were quite unhappy and shocked with my choice because they expected me to further my study in pure science but I have already made my choices and there I go. I applied for MARA scholarship and Alhamdulillah, I got the offer to make preparation at the INTEC Education College before I further my study in University of Queensland, Australia (I'm going there on this Wednesday, do pray for me).  I'm so grateful that in INTEC, I met nice people who always have my back and INTEC is a nice place (the lecturers are so helpful and awesome!). So, I came to join a group of nice people and my life started to change. I did have some difficulties to adapt for the first semester since it was my first time being far from home (home is where the heart is, people say). However, I managed to adapt to my new life with new friends and environment and I've now graduated from the college. 

I guess, I would meet a lot more nice people in a new place and got some exciting experiences. I'm so glad that wherever I go, Allah never makes me struggle alone. I'm blessed to have such great friends and meeting great people in my life. I could not ask for more because having these people in my life is such a wonderful gift from Allah. Now, I'm going to make the biggest decision in my life (so far) and I believe that I would never be disappointed by asking Allah's guidance and consulting with the people I love in life. Ever since I always got something beyond expectations, I would love to say that Allah will always give us something beyond our imaginations and expectations. He may give us painful experience or event in life that we never expected, yet He never makes us struggle alone because right after the most painful event, He will surely grant us with happiest event in life. Just imagine, the reward for a patient and grateful servant is Jannah, which is definitely one of the greatest gifts from Allah (the greatest gift is the chance to see Allah in Jannah). We, as a servant just need to have faith and keep believing because we would never be disappointed. Never. Everything that happens in our life, including the calamities would just fine if we have faith that after every difficulty, comes ease (Allah mentions it twice in Surah Asy-Syarh to guarantee us).

"Sebanyak mana rasa syukurku, tidak sebanding lautan nikmatMU

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