Marriage: Am I Ready Enough?


Before I proceed, I hope that you will read it till the end since I don't want anyone to jump into the conclusion. 

Ok. Bismillah.
First of all, marriage or in other word, Baitul Muslim is not something that we can get into without any preparations in term of physically, mentally, emotionally and most important; spiritually.
It is a very big decision in our life when we take the first step into it because once we get married; of course, we want it to last until Jannah, right?

So, there are too many preparations to make since we might live together with our spouse longer than we live with our parents (If Allah grants us with long life) And please bear in mind (reminder to myself!) that marriage is not only about fun. It's about RESPONSIBILITY. You will have more commitments. You will deal with your husband, your children, your in-laws. Too many things to think. Too many people to handle. So, you cannot be selfish. You must prepare from now! But, it doesn't mean that you need to wait until you become perfect because life is a learning process. No one can be perfect, but you can make an effort into it and still improving yourself even when you have got married. 

I am now 19 and honestly, I don't have any "calon suami" (I'm not  promoting myself, please.)
In fact, it's still too young for me since I need to get ready in every aspect.
I admit that, of course, I have the intention to marry in early age. Perhaps in 2 or 3 years from now.  (Insha Allah Amiin) but still, Allah is the Best Planner. 

If 2 years ago, I was thinking that getting married is an easy task. I will have a husband by my side and I can share everything with him. The life will be so perfect. I'll have someone to complete me, yada yada yada.... and the imaginations of the sweet things about marriage goes on. But now, I start to think about the responsibilities (tarbiyyah has taught me a lot. Alhamdulillah) and I start to improve myself bit by bit. Insha Allah.   

To myself and people out there,
Marriage is not about you and your spouse only.
It's about building an Ummah. 
You are the reflection of your children.
You're the one who will shape your children. 
It's definitely not an easy task, especially when we live in this kind of world.
It's going to be a big challenge for us to raise our children.
So, get ready from now. Improve ourselves to be a good role model for our children.

After all, marriage is not about making children but to educate them to be a good khalifah and abid. 
May our children will be our asset in hereafter.  
May Allah guides us. Insha Allah. Amiin.

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