How Many Percent Do We Use Our Brain?


Brain is one of the blessings from Allah to us. Brain is the center in our body systems and what makes it more amazing is that for human, we have one thing called "AQAL". Aqal will distinguish between humans and animals, yet some humans do not use their aqal wisely. 

Last Thursday, I had usrah with my beloved murobbi and usrahmates. We were discussing on an issue that happens in Japan. And we moved on to our purpose of life. 

One thing that my murobbi said had opened my eyes. She said, "Why are we study? Do we study for ourselves only or for the ummah? If we study for ourselves, then we are only thinking about ourselves. So, we only use our brain for 1/7 000 000 which is approximate to 0.0000000143%  ." Woah! At that time I was like, "Oh, it is such a waste if we study only for ourselves. So, from now on we must set our mind that we study not for ourselves only, but for 7 000 000 billion ummah. And it is definitely not an easy task. It's a big responsibility." 

Okay, I tell you. If in our life, we only think about our problems only, then we are not more than a robotic human. We are very selfish thinking about ourselves. Everything we see is only for our advantages. That's why we often see our problem is like the biggest problem in the world ever. We have set a limit to our mind and we can't see the world in real perspectives. We'll be a narrow-minded person. Then, when we die, what are our contributions? We just live and die without purpose. Oh No! It could not happen to any muslim because a muslim should give benefits to others.

 "The best man is the man who gives the benefit of others." 
(Narrated by al-Bayhaqi)

Don't we remember that As-Syahid Imam Hasan Al-Banna once said,

So, where are we? Do we think of this ummah
How many percent do we use this blessing from Allah?

Imagine, the Prophet S.A.W, he uses his AQAL to contribute to this ummah.
The neurons in his brain must have connected to each other completely.
You see, until now, we get benefits from his contributions. Subhanallah!

Live for ummah for the sake of Allah and contribute as much as we can.
Use our brain to the maximum!

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