Forgive and Forget


When I was in high school, a teacher asked us in a class, "do you think you really forgive someone when you can't forget what he/she did to you?"

And, I started to think about it until now. 

Since this issue is related to our HEART, so it's quite hard for me to determine whether I have forgave someone or not. As a human, I surely have feelings and I get hurt. When I get hurt, of course it really takes time and space to heal it. My mouth uttered that I forgive, but my heart?

It's actually something wrong in our heart if we can't forgive the one who has wronged us. Because our beloved Prophet, Rasulullah S.A.W even forgave a person who once plan to kill him. Subhanallah. How forgiving he is. He even forgave the people of Taif who did not accept his dakwah and threw him with stones. And when the angel (Jibreel A.S) offered him to destroy the people, he refused. He even prayed for the people of Taif! Masha Allah! I just feel amazed with his pure heart. But, we?

Our God, Allah S.W.T also forgives His slaves, no matter how great our sins are as long as we make the taubah. 

  “Dan sesiapa yang melakukan kejahatan atau menganiaya dirinya sendiri (dengan melakukan maksiat) kemudian dia memohon ampun kepada Allah, nescaya dia akan mendapati Allah Maha Pengampun, lagi Maha Mengasihani."
[ 4:110 ]

“...Dan kalaulah mereka ketika menganiaya diri mereka sendiri datang kepadamu (wahai Muhammad) lalu memohon ampun kepada Allah dan Rasulullah juga memohon ampun untuk mereka, tentulah mereka mendapati Allah Maha Penerima taubat, lagi Maha Mengasihani”
[ 4:64]

See, The One who creates us, gives us everything we need in life and owns our life is ready to forgive us when we make taubah. 

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How about us?
Why we need to keep grudge in our heart?
[I'm talking to myself actually]
Why we need to feel hurt everty time we recall what the person had done to us?
Why can't we just forgive and forget? 

Then, I got an answer.
It's because our heart still got diseases.
And, we need to clean our heart.

Remember. We also do mistakes to people and we also create scars in their heart.
So, why do we feel like we are "big" enough not to forgive a person who has wronged us?
Even Allah and the Prophet forgive people wholeheartedly. Why don't we?

Let's us keep trying to forgive and forget.
Like what Elsa said in "Frozen"

Bukankah kita taknak hidup dengan luka yang lepas?
Bukankah kita makin rasa sakit bila kita tak memaafkan dan melupakan rasa sakit tu?
Dan, bukankah orang yang menyakiti kita itu juga adalah saudara kita?

"Sesungguhnya, orang beriman itu bersaudara, maka damaikanlah di antara dua saudara kamu (yang bertelingkah) itu; dan bertaqwalah kepada Allah supaya kamu beroleh rahmat."
[ 49:10 ]

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